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Hurry Hurry Heal Me is a 4-player, local cooperative game with the aim of publishing for the Nintendo Switch

Hurry Hurry Heal Me flips the traditional shoot ‘em up on its head by using healing as it’s main mechanic. This “Heal ‘em up” encourages players to use teamwork and communication, as they have to coordinate their positions, timings and tasks as a team in order to succeed. The game aims to induce stress through the concept of no control, with players relying on their team mates to survive.

How To Play

The aim of the game is too keep everyone alive, by collecting colours from the environment and using these colours to heal other players (you cannot heal yourself!) and Hamsa's in the environment. 

If one person dies, you all die.

You win when the enemy is killed, which is the job of the Hamsa's. Hamsa's can only attack the enemy, if all the Hamsa's have health, if one Hamsa dies all the Hamsa's stop attacking. Hamsa's currently look like 3D stars or decagons.

What you need

  • Hurry Hurry Heal Me, needs 4 players.
  • You need 4 of the same controllers, either:
    • xBox360
    • ps4
    • Nintendo Switch (you can use 2 sets of joy-cons)
  • An Apple Mac

Find Out More

    Install instructions

    You will need 4 of the same type of controller, either: xBox360, PlayStation4 or the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in order to play the game (please make sure you have chosen the right download for the right controller!)

    For documentation on which buttons do what: https://hurryhurryhealmeblog.w...


    buildXbox360.app.zip 22 MB
    buildSwitch.app.zip 22 MB
    buildPS4.app.zip 22 MB

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